Connecting the Theory and Practice of Mobile Learning: A Framework for Creative Pedagogies Using Mobile Social Media

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Designing creative learning environments supported by new technologies involves the development of new literacies for both teachers and learners. One way to do this is to frame teaching and learning around building authentic learning communities. The role of the teacher then becomes creating ecologies where communities can interact, and seeding this interaction via triggering events, while the role of the learner becomes that of content creator and active participant. In this paper we propose and illustrate a framework that links the use of the Substitution-Augmentation-Modification-Redefinition framework (SAMR) framework and the conception of three levels of creativity to trigger transformative curriculum design using mobile social media as a catalyst. A case study provides a practical example of using our mobile social media framework to explore transformative curriculum design both from the perspective of teacher and learner.

Substitution-Augmentation-Modification-Redefinition framework (SAMR) , Educational technology adoption , mLearning , Heutagogy , Creativity , Scholarship Of Technology Enhanced Learning (SOTL)
Media Education, vol.6(2), pp.248 - 269
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