3D computer graphics self-directed learning: a proposal for integrated demonstration and practice

Guinibert, Matthew
Frommherz, Gudrun
Walker, Charles
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Master of Creative Technologies
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Auckland University of Technology

This research study examines 3D computer graphics (CG) self-directed learning (SDL). The study identifies learning and teaching problems with 3D CG SDL, proposes improvements, and then carries out the recommendations for improvement by building a proof of concept 3D CG SDL resource. The study is guided by three research questions: 1. What are the problems with 3D CG SDL resources perceived by learners? 2. Using the knowledge gained on problems with 3D CG SDL, can improvements be made? 3. How will these improvements function in practical application?

This research draws on a heuristic theoretical position with a practice-based approach. Data collection and analysis utilize both quantitative and qualitative methods. The scholarly investigation of CG SDL sits within the theoretical framework of technology-mediated pedagogy as outlined by (Leinder & Jarvenpaa, 1995) but, due to the interdisciplinary nature of 3D, also crosses over to concerns of right and left hemisphere learning (McCracken, 2006; Comninos, et al, 2009). A key aim of this study seeks to demonstrate that improvements in 3D CG SDL learning and teaching are not only vital to the success of self-directed resources but that these improvements can also be implemented in a low-cost technological environment.

The research has answered all the research questions in succession. The knowledge gained was on specific problems, recommendations and improvements, and how the improvements would work in practice. The study shows 3D CG SDL authors that there are problems with current resources, that there is room for improvement, and provides details on how these improvements could be made.

3D animation , Self-directed learning , Computer graphics , CG , Computer generated imagery , Education , E-learning , Computer-mediated learning
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