Cultural value in packaging design

Yu, Na
Leong, Yap
Valentine, Jonty
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Master of Arts (Art and Design)
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Auckland University of Technology

New Zealand is currently in the process of transforming itself from a commodity-producing nation to one that harnesses innovation, imagination and creativity as key drivers for economic competitiveness. Businesses are being nurtured to be design conscious and to use design to create value-added products. The objective is to create compelling and preferred products, brand experiences and value propositions.

Popularised by movies such as Lord of the Rings, Whale Rider and River Queen, the green and clean, natural environment, the distinctive cultural icons and flora and fauna are of significant economic value in tourism for New Zealand.

The focus of this research project is to transform the packaging and visual communication design of a New Zealand based lanolin1 cream by infusing it with cross-cultural elements. The main aim is to explore ways to represent the clean, green natural images and cultural icons of New Zealand in packaging and visual communication design to communicate the unique qualities of New Zealand lanolin skin care products, particularly to Chinese tourists. The outcome is the analysis, design and evaluation of a series of packaging and visual communication materials. This will enable the lanolin cream industry to create a memorable story through the design and visual communication materials and branding, that could excite buyers’ and users’ emotional experiences.

A series of 40 packaging, 10 containers, 20 wrapping paper and 20 shopping bag designs were created for this study. These proposals were evaluated, and the overall outcome was both informative and encouraging.

Packaging , Design , Packaging , Cosmetics
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