Competing for talent: diffusion of an innovation in New Zealand's immigration policy

Bedford, R
Spoonley, P
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John Wiley & Sons

In 2003, New Zealand introduced a novel “expression of interest” (EOI) system for selecting skilled migrants. In 2012, Australia adopted a similar approach while the Canadian government is proposing to adopt a variant of the EOI system in 2015. From being a follower of Canadian and Australian immigration policy initiatives, New Zealand has become the innovator. This paper examines the reasons for this significant policy shift and reviews some outcomes of the EOI system during the first decade of operation. As the international competition for talent intensifies, such policy innovation is essential if countries are going to attract skilled migrants.

Immigration policy , Skilled migrant selection , EOI systems , Outcomes for skilled migrants
International Migration Review, vol.48(3), pp.891 - 911
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