Faith - a Feature Film

Barooah, Sukanya
Bancroft, Andrew
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Master of Creative Writing
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Auckland University of Technology

This thesis consists of a full-length screenplay for a feature film. A summary of the screenplay is as follows:

Sixteen Years ago, while eluding school punishments, Neev (10) and Ray (10) gets lost in the woods. In the depth of the jungle, they encounter insurgents, who kidnap Ray while Neev manages to escape. Ray’s twin sister Raina (10), is Neev’s love interest, who could not forgive Neev, for her missing brother. The incident broke them up and Neev’s family leaves town.

In the present age at a house party, Raina and Neev meet again. They realize sooner who the other one is and separates. The incident that happened years ago changed their lives, altered their personalities and their life paths. All these recent years both Neev and Raina kept searching for Ray on their own, one for redemption, the other for love for her twin brother.

Neev (27) changed his name to Amrit and joined the army. He is introverted, reserved and shy. While Raina (27) is now a Psychiatrist, she is kind sympathetic but not empathetic. They are two individuals who cannot fall in love nor be in any permanent romantic relationships all these years. Meanwhile, Ray (27) has turned an insurgent, who does not hesitate to kill if required. He leads an army of insurgents his own, and never fathoms to surrender, and Neev threatens again to turn his world upside down.

Staged against the backdrop of politics and terrorism, which keeps the lovers from falling in love, and Ray from being a changed man. Their stories indeed come to a resolution and a bitter-sweet ending when they sacrifice for each other. Raina accidentally takes the bullet meant for Neev, as Ray tries to kill Neev for revenge. Ray later changes his mind, sacrifices his freedom to save his sister’s life by donating his blood; and so, surrenders.

The Thesis is framed by an Exegesis which is a 6000-word easy on the subject of: a) the genre of the Thesis b) the development process from synopsis to the second draft

Romance , Drama , Ulfa, Assam , Faith
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