The academic writing challenges faced by Saudi students studying in New Zealand

Ankawi, Ayman
Strauss, Pat
Grant, Lynn
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Master of Arts in Social Sciences
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Auckland University of Technology

This study investigated the academic writing challenges facing Saudi Arabian students when they enrol on mainstream programmes at one New Zealand university. This research adopted a qualitative method approach. Approximately 65 Saudi Arabian students were involved. A survey was used to collect students’ demographic information while semi-structured interviews with 10 volunteer students were conducted to get their views and reflections on their English academic writing skills and what could be done to better prepare them for academic study at English medium universities. This identified that KSA Students’ attitude towards learning and using English was not positive; this is due to issues in teaching of English that result with students are ill-prepared for the demands of study through the medium of English. Students’ attitude towards the language was not positive and this exacerbates the situation. This study focuses particularly on the demands of academic writing, it is explore students perceptions and suggests ways by which their needs could be better met. It is also hoped that the findings and recommendations from this study will benefit the Saudi students, the relevant government departments in Saudi Arabia as well as the English medium universities that recruit these students.

Academic writing challenges , Saudi student academic writing issues , Cultural adaptation
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