Junctures for knowing what you know: installation, site, process, material and object

Stockman, Harriet
Redmond, Monique
Amundsen, Fiona
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Master of Art and Design
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Auckland University of Technology

Junctures for knowing what you know: Installation, site, process, material and object is a reflexive studio based project that embraces human experiences of familiarity, anxiety, and awkwardness in an attempt to seduce the viewer/ participant to question assumed knowledge. Each installation, within the larger research project, looks to develop from a permission to ‘play’ as method of approach. Within such play, this project’s intention is to respond to previous works within the project and the relationship between the objects placed into a space, the history and use of that space and the architecture of site. Consideration will be given to my hand and its touch and its role as the unconscious assimilator through which the osmotic process of collecting and receiving information from a selected site and materials takes place. Accordingly, this research proposes that the hand contains the potential to translate and map the body’s movement back into a selected site and material establishing a reflexive rhythm of work. Materials are selected because they have a history that merges with both architecture and sculptural casting practice. This research aims to tease out moments prior to a collapse within each installation as a tantalizing encounter so that potentially the viewer/participants ‘knowing’ meshes with the experience of the encounter thereby triggering a sense of re-knowing.

Casting , Installation , Object , Process , Material , Site , Architecture , Knowing , Pause , Collapse , Play
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