A Modified Systematic Review and General Literature Review of Overweight and Obesity Among Pregnant Women in the Arab Gulf Countries

Naser, Alaa Tarik A
Smith, John F
Andajani, Sari
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Master of Public Health
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Auckland University of Technology

Obesity trends are on the rise globally and are creating health complications both to individuals and health systems. This dissertation will investigate obesity issues with a specific focus on pregnant women in the Gulf countries. The modified systematic review will involve searches of academic databases and official websites. Due to the paucity of literature specific to Gulf countries, literature in the Western contexts will also be sought and such findings will be used for the transfer of knowledge from different contexts to the Gulf context. The role of social determinants will be considered in relation to obesity among women during pregnancy. Based on the modified systematic review and the general literature review, the study will make recommendations specific to the issue among pregnant women in Gulf countries.

Overweight , Obesity , Arab Gulf countries
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