The Synthesis of Phenol Glycosides as Markers for Smoke Taint in Wine

D'souza, Shaun
Chen, Jack
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Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours)
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Auckland University of Technology

Wildfires can cause a number of different issues for the winemaker such as damages to crops and property, with the biggest issue being economic losses due to smoke-tainted wine. This project looked into finding a lasting solution to the problem of smoke-tainted wine. The main aim of this project was to synthesise the novel phenolic glycoside, para-cresol gentiobioside, which is one on many compounds that are responsible for smoke taint in wine. The compound, when synthesised will then be used by the industrial collaborators involved in this project to develop molecularly imprinted polymers to selectively remove the same or other closely-related compounds. All reactions in the proposed synthetic scheme for para-cresol gentiobioside were performed and were also optimised where necessary to obtain a better yield at that step. 0.0750 grams of the novel compound, para-cresol gentiobioside was successfully synthesised in this project. In the final stages of the project an alternative synthetic route which was more efficient and which could potentially provide faster access to other phenolic glycosides responsible for smoke taint was explored.

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