Aural disjunction: an exploration of relationships between slow aural and visual media in film

Butterworth, Jonathan Jackman
Hoar, Peter
Walker, Charles
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Master of Creative Technologies
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Auckland University of Technology

This study investigates the aesthetic relationship between slow aural and visual media through an audiovisual installation artwork. The aim is to open up new perspectives on sound and image relationships by equally slowing these two modes down to create a qualitative disjunction between the sound and image. Many researchers have previously studied and explored the subject of sound and image interactivity. However, little of this work concerns how extremely slowed sounds interact with extremely slowed images. This is because many commercial based slow motion scenes in film are ‘sweetened’ or fitted with artificial sounds in post production editing to add emphasis or enhance the effect of the images. I propose a slow audiovisual installation art informed by relevant literature that attempts to experiment with the aesthetics of extremely slow images and their extremely slow natural sound sources to provide a slow art experience. In part, this is inspired by the notions of R. Murray Schafer’s ‘schizophonia’ and audiovisual technology saturation that serves as a reflection of our fast-paced screen and media dominated lives. The findings of this study suggest that a qualitative disjunction can be achieved through the extreme slowing down of the sounds and images.

Aural , Sound , Audiovisual , Slow motion , Image , Schizophonia , Slow sound , Disjunction , Synchresis , Ultra slow , Extreme , Schafer , Installation art , Sound image relationships , Chion , Slow art , Disconnect , Slow cinematography , Film , Stretched sound , Sound source
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