Hospitality knowledge management: Application of a process-oriented strategic knowledge management tool

Machado, Conrad (Conrad Elias)
Steele, Robert
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Master in International Hospitality Management
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Auckland University of Technology

There is a shift currently in effect in the business world moving from an economy based on tangible resources to an economy based on knowledge. This shift has resulted in a new field of study in business called ‘knowledge management’. Since knowledge management has defined itself only since the early 1990’s, there is an immense amount of confusion in the industry and academic literature regarding the concepts and ideas that support the foundation of knowledge management. The knowledge management industry is struggling to give itself shape and form and to win itself credibility as a legitimate practice. In spite of these issues, many companies have successfully taken to knowledge management. Unfortunately, the hospitality industry lags behind in this aspect. There has been very little research or implementation of knowledge management in the hospitality industry. This paper is an initiative to push forward strategic knowledge management in the hospitality industry. It has been built on the belief that a knowledge management strategy that is linked to the strategic business goals of the hotel will be very effective in improving performance on all levels of organization. Since knowledge management is almost new to the hospitality industry, this paper also aims at being an introductory tool of knowledge management to hospitality managers. In that aspect, the paper begins by researching the growth and history of knowledge management in the hospitality industry. It also brushes on knowledge management concepts that are frequently cited. These include concepts that were useful in formulating a model for knowledge management strategy for hospitality. With respect to the knowledge management model, this paper builds on previous research and seeks to cover questions that were left unanswered. Various issues such as measuring knowledge management value to track the implementation of the model and the factors that support or impede its implementation have been discussed in detail.

Knowledge management , Hospitality industry -- Management
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