Tax Amnesties and Their Potential Application in New Zealand in 2018 – a Critical Literature Review and Hypothetical Case Analysis

Chang, Wan He (Daryl)
Gupta, Ranjana
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Master of Business
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Auckland University of Technology

This study examines the strengths and weaknesses of various tax amnesties. This has been done by examining different tax amnesties around the world, and to identify factors which have contributed towards their success or failure. The examination of these tax amnesties shows that successful tax amnesties contain at least one of, or a combination of the following factors: a strong level of law regulation and enforcement, a low frequency of tax amnesties, strong tax reform following tax amnesties, a high level of advertising and public awareness around the amnesties, and the presence of an immigrant population. These factors and other factors are then compared to the tax environment in New Zealand to determine if a tax amnesty should be implemented here. The findings suggest that considering the conditions in New Zealand it will be appropriate to implement a tax amnesty. The present study reinforces the fact that tax amnesties are still an important tool in the taxation toolbox.

Tax Amnesty , Tax Compliance , Automatic Exchange of Information , Tax Evasion
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