Modern Indian English Novel

Falki, Hanadi
Harvey, Siobhan
Zander, Bianca
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Master of Creative Writing
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Auckland University of Technology

The creative thesis titled ‘The Price of Our Silence’ is a realistic fictional novel that taps into the world of the growing 3D Stereoscopic Production Companies in India. The novel traces the lives of the young stereo-compositing artists who meet in an increasingly deterioting work environment, coming from diverse backgrounds, having different dreams and their own distinct characteristics brought together in the sacred bond of friendship. As the novel explores what it is to be young and restless in the contemporary Indian society, it required representation of multiple viewpoints. So the thesis has been written in third person subjective through the eyes of three main protagonists, and at times, in third person objective through the narrator’s point of view. The question is, will these three friends find the true meaning of their lives after going through various ups and downs together, overcoming all hurdles of hidden truths, jealousy and betrayal to achieve a higher level of understanding, tolerance and sacrifice in friendship? On a larger scale, will the Indian youth realize their true potential and rise above the restrictions placed by the society, and go on to achieve the dream of a truly progressive nation? The exegesis discusses the Modern Indian English Novels- their characteristics, the major themes dealt in them and the treatment of some of the feminist issues by the modern novelists. Drawing a comparison between some of the contemporary novels and ‘The Price of Our Silence’, the exegesis concludes that the creative thesis would, in future, create its own space in the vast treasure of Modern Indian English Novels.

Indian Novel , Women literature , 3D stereo conversion industry , Modern novel , Realitic fiction
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