Living with coffee

Abad-Vergara, Diane
Mercer, Brad
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Master of Communication Studies
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Auckland University of Technology

The underpinning theme of this exegesis is to provide an overview of the conceptual foundations supporting the documentary 'Living with Coffee' which I produced. The main historical, theoretical and artistic perspectives that have contributed to this production will be explained and defended as the most suitable for my work on this documentary as it relates to fair trade. Fair trade, in particular the fair trade of coffee is the wider framework for 'Living with Coffee'. In summary, my work relied not only on technical and practical efforts of producing a piece of journalistic art but also on sound theory and research findings. The intention of my documentary 'Living with Coffee' is to look into the following question: What effect does the 'café culture' and consumers' choices within it have on the coffee producers and could we sip our way to change? People who consume coffee have the power to change the lives of poor producers for the better. This documentary chose coffee as the commodity in question and analyzed its journey from its production by the coffee producers (or as often referred to in this piece, "cafeteros" a common name given to coffee growers in Colombia), to the places where it is traded and, finally, to those that consume it.

Coffee , Trade , Fair trade , Commodity , Colombia , New Zealand
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