The angler's catch

Martyn, Geoff
Johnson, Mike
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Master of Creative Writing
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Auckland University of Technology

For detectives, historians, crossword fanatics, quest-seekers and many many more, finding the solution to a puzzle or mystery is a thing most satisfying. Demystifying the mysterious, solving problems and meeting challenges are perhaps the most obvious driving forces behind the novel The Angler’s Catch, the thesis component of this submission.

Beyond that, the creative work endeavours to portray social issues and cultural-historical features of small town New Zealand in the early-mid 1970s.

A further aim was to explore the personalities of the central characters and to tell a Kiwi story of ordinary people trying their best and persevering and achieving extraordinary results. It is a tale of surmounting obstacles through collaboration and, in the case of the protagonist Amos, of facing up to and overcoming personal flaws along the way.

The Angler’s Catch then, is a story of seeking, of solving and of growth.

The exegesis, entitled Seeking, Solving and Growth, attempts to place The Angler’s Catch in context, by exploring the detective novel genre and by identifying the author’s motivations, intentions, and methodologies. It is suggested that the exegesis be read before the creative work, but this of course is left to the preference of the reader.

Detective fiction , New Zealand , 1970s , Novel
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