Creative Process and Thinking in Developing a Year Nine Design Thinking Resource

Samaeli, Faamotu
Boland, Neil
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Master of Education
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Auckland University of Technology

This dissertation is about my creative process and motivation in developing a teaching resource for a Year 9 Design Thinking course. It comprises three key components:

• A Design Thinking Resource (as the creative work) • A Map (the exegesis) • A User Manual (to assist with how to read the exegesis)

This approach to my exegesis is motivated by a desire to remain authentic to how I think and do things as an experienced teacher, design thinker, designer and artist. I express this personal approach in a way that is intentionally multifaceted and designed to be read in different ways. To help guide the reader through the exegesis, the user manual is meant to be read first, or at least referred to alongside.

The exegesis ‘map’ is set up as an alternative to the traditional written exegesis, because it isn’t limited to expressing ideas in a linear way. The physical map is the preferred way of reading the exegesis to overcome the limitations of the computer screen.

The format reflects the way I created the Design Thinking resource and what the resource is meant to do. Both the exegesis and the Design Thinking resource allow for multiple ways of reading and are meant to be visually rich, where images extend on what can be written beyond the parameters of the exegesis word count.

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