Nomadic Objects: Temporal Placemaking & Mindfulness in the Non-place

Armstrong, Hannah
Yates, Amanda
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Master of Art and Design
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Auckland University of Technology

How can temporary place-making practice reveal a nomadological condition at work within a contemporary spatial landscape?

How can this temporary place-making practice create a space of mindfulness within the low-affect condition of the non-places that spatialise our contemporary condition of super-modernity as proposed by Marc Auge?

This practice based research project is articulated through a series of nomadic objects that communicate transitional movement throughout our contemporary spatial landscape. The project uses material exploration and object making as a design methodology to construct temporal place in the non-place. Using this methodology, the research suggests a creative practice that expresses the concept of mindfulness through a heightened sense of touch. The creative methodology evolves nomadically through a process of Thinking Through Making making. This methodology is one of mobility, fluidity and reiteration. The project occupies the non-place, a place of low affect and transitional movement, and highlights it within a phenomenological inquiry; it looks at the current experience of non-place and how it is interpreted and how to change this current perception.

The creation and implementation of the Nomadic Objects has caused a break in the non-place. This development of modular, crafted and touch based artifacts has generated a nomadological process to contrast the previous perception of non-place and instead, generate mindfulness.

Nomadic , Non-place , Modular , Placemaking
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