What Contributions Might be Made by Western Advocates, Activists, Researchers and Members of NGOs to Stop the Sexual Exploitation, Slavery, and Trafficking of Male Children in Cambodia?

Hancock, Wayne
Waring, Marilyn
Mudgway, Cassandra
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Master of Arts in Public Policy
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Auckland University of Technology

The sexual abuse, exploitation, and trafficking of boys and young men is not a new phenomenon. It is a plague that continues to burgeon in our globalized, pandemic- affected world. However, despite the issue being an illicit growth industry there has been little research conducted. This research investigates how Western academics, activists, and NGOs might assist these boys in Cambodia, to stop their sexual exploitation, slavery, and trafficking. I hope that with research on this gendered issue, further efforts and understanding may be implemented to combat the insidious culture of coercion and exploitation. Like many women and girls, boys and young men continue to be marginalized, stigmatized, and victimized due to this abuse. Their circumstances are not chosen, they are lived in a state of corruption, intimidation, poverty, and exploitation. The methodology for this research is qualitative description. I use semi-structured interviews with purposively selected participants and extensive secondary data. Key themes of trafficking and sexual abuse, poverty, corruption, the circumstances of children, NGOs, and what we might do to assist the situation, emerged. My research opens the issue of sexual exploitation, slavery, and trafficking of boys in Cambodia for further research. It challenges occidental influences and Western assumptions about research in Cambodia. It proposes ways that western activists might use to help the prevention, or rescue, rehabilitation, and reintegration, for both the victims and survivors of sexual trafficking of boys in Cambodia.

Trafficking , Sexual exploitation , Male , Cambodia
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