Analysis of a secure virtual desktop infrastructure system

Tong, Yijie
Yan, Wei Qi
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Master of Computer and Information Sciences
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Auckland University of Technology

With an increasing number of personal computers introduced in schools, enterprises and other large organizations, workloads of system administrators have been on the rise, due to the issues related to energy costs, IT expenses, PC replacement expenditures, data storage capacity, and information security. However, application virtualization has been proved as a successful cost-effective solution to solve these problems. In this thesis, the analytics of a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) system will be taken into consideration for a campus network. In this thesis, previous developed system is going to be justified and the relevant improvements will also be presented. Besides, the rationales for these improvements are to be introduced. This project conducts four research work associated with a college’s new VDI system. (1) Requirement analysis and design of the VDI system. Throughout the thesis, general demand of the college, functional requirements of the VDI system and performance requirements of the VDI system will be introduced. After that, the VDI system will be divided into four modules, namely client-side module, application management module, system resource management module and user data management module. (2) The implementation of the VDI system. The college’s network topology, network configuration, virtual machine installation and applications installation will be implemented in this thesis. Also, this thesis will present the optimized resource allocation of the VDI server by using quantitative calculation rules of the physical servers’ consolidation. (3) Reliability and usability of the VDI system. Our investigations associated with the reliability problems in a virtualization infrastructure will be committed. This thesis will emphasize the reliability of the Physical to Virtualization (P2V) method in a virtualization processing. (4) Testing. A functional testing, a capability testing and a performance testing will be completed before end of this thesis. After the testing, an optimal result will be given as the outcome.

Intelligent network , Application virtualization
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