An Analysis of Perceived Leadership Styles and Potential Motivational Impacts in the Hilton Hotel Group Through the Glassdoor

Yao, Shu
Williamson, David
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Master of International Hospitality Management
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Auckland University of Technology

The study explores the extent to which different leadership styles are perceived in the Hilton Hotel group, as shown by employee reviews on the Glassdoor website. In this context, the study focuses on exploring the ways transformational and authoritative leadership styles potentially affect employee satisfaction/motivation in the Hilton Hotel group. The study explores the concept of different leadership styles practised in the business environment and determines how employee satisfaction/motivation levels may be impacted by transformational and authoritative leadership styles. The study selects a qualitative methodology with the study data collected through the secondary data collection method. The study data is employees' reviews about Hilton Hotels on the Glassdoor website, as well as Hilton Hotels’ company website. The study data were analysed by the thematic data analysis method. Key findings include that the transformational leadership style is predominantly practised in the Hilton International Hotel chain which focuses on promoting higher employee autonomy, employee empowerment, effective leader-employee relationship development, teamwork development, and incorporating employees’ suggestions and ideas in improving customer service. These, in turn, have the potential to achieve higher employee satisfaction/motivation in Hilton Hotel workplaces. The study contributes to the existing literature by developing specific literary insights into the motivational impact of different leadership styles on employees in consideration of the hospitality industry. The study supports the idea that transformational leaders should be encouraged, as they seek to promote frequent learning opportunities in Hilton International Hotel chain workplaces, as well as promoting employee empowerment and employee autonomy with teamwork and a friendlier work culture environment to enhance employee motivation in Hilton workplaces. This, in turn, provides specific theoretical and practical leadership insights to students enrolled in management courses who will represent future leaders in the hospitality industry. The study outcomes will provide insight to future scholars utilising them to investigate new research areas such as the impact of different training methods on employee motivation in the hospitality industry.

Leadership , Potential Motivational Impacts , Hilton , Glassdoor
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