Photography and instability: rhythms of reflections and repetitions in space

Skipper, Gemma
Amundsen, Fiona
Redmond, Monique
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Master of Art and Design
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Auckland University of Technology

This visual arts project constructs multiple series of individual, but intimately related, analogue photographs that describe public ‘natural’ environments, located amongst residential and light industrial areas. As such, this research is concerned with how a site can be depicted in an individual image and across a series. Specifically through the differing and deferring ways that that photographic medium is languaged and experienced as nature, culture, time, space, representing and presenting. Each of these concepts occurs endlessly and interchangeably and thereby activates a viewing encounter by the mediums instability. This research accordingly investigates a range of spatial relationships – the actual site, the spatial depth created across and within a series, as well as the spacing and distancing that occurs between and through images – amid multiple photographic series. These establish continually shifting experiences, with both the medium and represented sites. By means of these constructed spaces, formal rhythmic relationships of reflections, repetitions and reoccurrences provoke encounters with individual images, into active engagements, within and across spatial depths of series’. These interventions serve to guide, pause and block viewing experiences, thereby continuously reflecting photography itself in every formally negotiated encounter.

Photography , Series , Time/Space , Parks , Instability , Space , Differance , Shifting/Changing
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