Gaming Through Dyslexia: An Interactive Digital Application That Is a Learning Tool for Students Under the Age of Ten That Have Dyslexia

Russell, Mikaela
Kruse, Jan
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Master of Design
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Auckland University of Technology

This research thesis approaches the research question of "How can we use interactive digital applications as a learning tool to improve skills and abilities for students under the age of ten that are diagnosed with Dyslexia?" Dyslexia is a common subject that is talked about amongst the academic community, specifically on what they can do to help and support students who have Dyslexia in the classroom. There is a lack of learning tools in the education system for dyslexic students to use to help them with their academic work. Having Dyslexia myself, I have always been passionate about wanting to create a learning tool to aid students who need an extra hand with learning especially at the significant ages of five to ten where most of your essential learning is done.

I created a digital interactive visual application that can be used as a learning tool in and outside the classroom to help assist students who have Dyslexia and give them another form or learning instead of a textbook method. Using serious games like the ones I have created as educators will push the student's skills in the direction they need to be in order to advance their results to continue to help with their schooling. Throughout this research, I have found positive results showing that using my interactive learning games it has proven to be a quicker way for a student that has Dyslexia to recall knowledge from that particular game/subject to apply into their work at school and use as a different form of learning.

This research opens up a topic of a unique form of learning that could be placed into the school curriculum. This exploration is a step in the right direction of what I believe to be the future of learning, especially for those who have Dyslexia and need the extra helping hand when it comes to education.

Gaming , Dyslexia , Serious games , Education , Games , Learning games , Education games
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