Is New Zealand ready to become a mono-tourist destination for Chinese tourists? The impact of the new travel law on Chinese tourists' behaviour in New Zealand

Li, Wenting
Liu, Claire
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Master of International Hospitality Management
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Auckland University of Technology

The Chinese outbound tourism market is growing rapidly and becoming a main source market for many destinations. Due to the implementation of the new China Travel Law on 1 October 2013, the Chinese tourism market is now experiencing a series of transformations. Since China has become the second largest tourism market for New Zealand after Australia, it is necessary to undertake study of the Chinese market to explore the impact of the new Travel Law on Chinese tourists' behaviour in New Zealand. This will help identify opportunities for the tourism industry in attracting Chinese tourists who want to visit New Zealand as a mono-destination.

This study used a quantitative method to identify Chinese tourists' behaviour after the new China Travel Law took effect. Specifically, an on-site survey questionnaire was conducted for data collection. This survey used the convenience sampling method and distributed questionnaires to Chinese tourists in the city centre of Auckland from April to May 2014. Overall, the researcher collected 122 questionnaires from the Chinese tourists during the data collection period. The survey identified the general demographic characteristics of the Chinese tourists in New Zealand, their travel behaviours, awareness and knowledge of the Travel Law, tour activities, as well as their perception and level of satisfaction with their New Zealand tours. Despite the growing number of studies on Chinese tourists' behaviour in New Zealand, few of them explored the correlation between the Travel Law and Chinese tourists' behaviour. Thus, this research endeavours to fill this gap, and aims to identify how New Zealand could improve to meet the demands of the Chinese market.

Chinese tourists , Travel law , Tourists' behaviour
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