A study of nurses working in a community development model

Hetaraka, Bernadette
Ryan, Andrea
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Master of Health Science
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Auckland University of Technology

This qualitative descriptive study describes nurse’s experiences of working in a community development model. The objective of the study is to identify characteristics that support nurses working in this way.

Three nurses working in a community development model were interviewed. Data was analysed using a general inductive approach and three key categories emerged. These are the Community Development Process, the ‘Make-up of the Nurse’ and the Health Environment.

The study findings suggest that nurses in the community development role have a window of opportunity when working with the individual, whanau, and community. Specific attributes, knowledge and skills are identified as the core being for nurses and contribute to this window of opportunity. Identified in these findings are that nurses have an acceptance of others, with a love of people and a strong desire to make a difference when working in communities.

In this cyclic process of a community’s development, nurses have a window of opportunity to providing education and knowledge as they support people in this growth. Nurses acknowledge that although they possess qualities that are intrinsic they identify that this complex process requires nurses of an expert level in areas of relationship building and working in collaborative ways.

If this model of practice is to be incorporated into health practitioners working in communities then further areas of research and education for nurses needs to occur.

Community development in New Zealand , Community health nursing in New Zealand
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