Front the Home (Front): The Spatialisation of Epistolary Correspondence From World War One 1914-1918

Prasad, Shivneel
Carley, Rachel
Douglas, Carl
Proctor, Ian
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Master of Art and Design
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Auckland University of Technology

This practice-led research thesis investigates epistolary correspondences from the front lines to explore the relationship between spatial belonging and dislocation with the concept of the home as a domestic interior that encompasses memory and recollection. The purpose of the research is to reconceptualise the current exhibition design of the Pou Kanohi towards a more a narrative-driven design strategy and exhibition for the Auckland Museum that portrays and focalises personal narratives of New Zealanders that served in World War One. The concepts in this project are explored through reading and analysing epistolary correspondence from during the war through making. These correspondence are written by Second Lieutenant Jack Stanley Pryce of the 1st Battalion Otago Infantry Regiment to his family back at home. The letters are a vital part of the research as they straddle the gap between the past(absence) and present(presence). The research is divided into three-parts- The Story, Method and Implementation into the site. The story is explored through making a series of dioramas using digital and analogue methods to analyse and spatialise moments of spatial dislocation. The method is the platform or medium that story is portrayed to the audience. The Implementation into the site is how the project is realised as an exhibition in the Pou Kanoh

World War One , Spatial Design , Museum , Exhibition , Installation , Diorama , Furniture , Plaster Casting , Miniatures , Motion Capture , Animation , Practice , Soldier , Narrative , Storytelling , Letters , Mail , Theatre
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