Effects of Web 2.0 experience on consumers’ online purchase intention: the Social Networking and Interaction Orientation Factors

Huynh, Phat Tri
Andrade, Antonio Díaz
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Master of Business
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Auckland University of Technology

This research examines the effects of Web 2.0 experience, especially the social networking and interaction orientation factors, which are likely to influence online consumers’ purchase intention and buying behaviour. Based on theoretical foundations of what has been identified as Web 2.0 experience, this study proposes a research model consisting of these two factors acting as the main parameters influencing online purchase intention. These antecedents were modelled as first-order constructs with reflective indicators. The proposed model has been developed with two major objectives. The first objective is to provide insight into online consumer behaviour within the Web 2.0 e-commerce context. The second objective is to investigate the relative importance role of social networking and interaction orientation on online purchase intention.

Based on these objectives, the research first reviews the literature related to online buying behaviour, online experience and Web 2.0 experience. The review provides support for developing the research model and the hypotheses. Data collection was conducted in New Zealand through an anonymous survey of 173 students, who were asked to visit an existing Web 2.0 online store and initiate the purchase of a product, operation which was stopped before the transaction was completed. Statistical analyses using structural equation modelling (SEM) are used to validate the model and identify the relative importance of the key antecedents to online purchase intention. On the one hand, the results confirm the direct positive influence of the interaction orientation factor on purchase intention. On the other, they suggest that the relationship between the social networking factor and intention to buy is mediated by the interaction orientation factor.

Web 2.0 , Web experience , Social networking , Interaction orientation , Online purchase intention , e-Commerce , Online consumer behaviour
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