A critical examination of cycling policies in Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, and Auckland

Escayol, Emilio M.
Neill, Carol
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Master of Arts in Policy Studies
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Auckland University of Technology

This dissertation examines the cycling-friendly policies and infrastructure of Auckland, Buenos Aires, and Copenhagen as well as additional transport policies that might influence cycling. The final goal of this examination is to extract some lessons from the capital cities of Argentina and Denmark in order to make suggestions on how Auckland can become a more bicycle-friendly city. The literature has found that these 3 cities find themselves in 3 different stages of development in regard to their cycling policies. Auckland’s cycling policies are more rudimentary than its counterparts, Buenos Aires cycling policies are developing and have made remarkable improvements, and Copenhagen’s are highly proficient and regarded as world leaders. The keys to achieving high rates of cycling in Buenos Aires and Copenhagen seem to be the provision of separated cycle tracks, retrofitting of intersections to increase safety, efficient bike share schemes, sufficient secure parking, and campaigns to encourage cycling. The most effective way of introducing similar pro-bike policies and infrastructure in Auckland would be to consider Buenos Aires as a medium term model and Copenhagen as a long term model. In consequence, Auckland should try to adopt Buenos Aires’ policies first and once they have produced positive results, move on to replicate Copenhagen’s more developed policies. Finally, a variable that was out of the scope of this research but is determinant to produce these desired changes is strong political willingness. Buenos Aires’ and Copenhagen’s authorities have shown sound political determination in supporting transport policies that usually sparked opposition and backlash. Without a clear determination, pro-bike policies will not produce the expected results, no matter how well developed they are.

Urban cycling , Transport policies , Active transport , Infrastructure , Sustainability , Bicycling , Active transport , Commuting , Public transport
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