Drawing from voice: an exploration of sound in search of representational codes of the unseen

Williams, Carolyn
Jervis, Ian
Redmond, Monique
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Master of Arts in Art and Design
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Auckland University of Technology

This project explores the unseen (that which is not considered) in relation to the idea of the existence of another dimension of language. It considers the possibility that, in regard to language, some essential component may have been omitted or unperceived. Through works of art this project explores possibilities for the visual signification of this information. My interest is in exploring ways in which these qualities can be recovered by creating representational codes of the unseen, which evoke a potential for an inclusive language. My enquiry focuses on sound with particular emphasis on 'voice' as a way in which to explore these concepts through visual means. Voice is considered as something which projects or articulates or otherwise could be described as 'speaking'. For example voice is considered in relation to thought, and also the human experience of sound in space. This includes sound generated by self, intrinsic and extrinsic to the body. Voice plays two roles - one as a space from which to retrieve the unseen, and the other as a drawing tool - a way in which to represent what seems unrepresentable.

Language , Voice , Sound , Visual , Human
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