The Dystopian Hunger & Other Games

Myers, Esmée
Bancroft, Andrew
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Master of Creative Writing
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Auckland University of Technology

The Dystopian Hunger & Other Games is an exegesis that takes an auto-ethnographical approach to my creative work, Mindless. My exegesis investigates the expectations of its contemporary audience in films of the same genre. It also explores the differences and similarities between my screenplay and these films by analysing their themes, genre conventions, character arc and function of the antagonist.

Mindless is an action/adventure/sci-fi film that follows seventeen-year-old Ali in a dystopian world. It is the war on terror though the war finished long ago and Katherine and the corporations in the city continue to feign the war to control society. Civilians do not realise their fear is feeding the city's financial gain by purchasing its security and surveillance systems. The Academy trains Elite Fighters to continue this facade, but even the Elite Fighters do not realise what they are a part of.

Ali finds herself in The Academy dealing with a loss of identity after finding out she is adopted. In her bitterness and anger, she becomes everything that The Academy is looking for: fearless, strong, physically fit and a quick problem-solver. However, the more Ali places her identity in The Academy and other people, the more she loses who she is and her purpose.

Katherine is desperate to open The Academy's secret weapon, the Dome. Once opened, The Academy will have the ability to take out fear and trauma in their Elite Fighters to make them stronger and indestructible. They will also be able to put fear into civilians so that they will be trapped in an endless cycle of fear and prevent ideas of revolution. However, the only person who can open the Dome is Ali. After many physical and emotional setbacks, Ali must face the demons of her past, overcome her fears and fight the real enemy of this world, Katherine and The Academy. Ali needs to learn that to be truly free, she must face the truth.

Action Adventure , Screenwriting , Sci-Fi , Esmee Myers
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