Factors systematically associated with errors in subjective estimates of software development effort: the stability of expert judgment

Gray, AR
MacDonell, SG
Shepperd, MJ
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IEEE Computer Society

Estimation of project development effort is most often performed by expert judgment rather than by using an empirically derived model (although such may be used by the expert to assist their decision). One question that can be asked about these estimates is how stable are they with respect to characteristics of the development process and product? This stability can be assessed in relation to the degree to which the project has advanced over time, the type of module for which the estimate is being made, and the characteristics of that module. In this paper we examine a set of expert-derived estimates for the effort required to develop a collection of modules from a large health-care system. Statistical tests are used to identify relationships between the type (screen or report) and characteristics of modules and the likelihood of the associated development effort being underestimated, approximately correct, or over-estimated. Distinct relationships are found that suggest that the estimation process being examined was not unbiased to such characteristics. This is a potentially useful finding in that it provides an opportunity for estimators to improve their prediction performance

Computer errors , Electrical capacitance tomography , Hip , Information science , Programming , Read only memory , Software measurement , Software metrics , Stability , Testing
Proceedings from the Sixth International Software Metrics Symposium (METRICS'99), pp.216
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