Fashion: the Missing Element in Wearable Technology Design

Lin, Melissa
Joseph, Frances
Cleveland, Donna
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Master of Creative Technologies
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Auckland University of Technology

There have been significant advancements in the research and development of wearable technologies over the last decade; however, only a few of these products are commercially successful. This mixed-methods research project investigates how wearable technology designers could focus more on the aesthetic, fashionability, and wearability of products to attract greater attention from consumers, and potentially achieve greater success on the market. I seek to integrate a fashion design perspective with current wearable technology design processes to improve the attractiveness of wearable technology to the early majority. This research is positioned within the framework of action research informed by a literature review and an analysis of existing wearable products in a particular category (facewear) on the market. It uses design-and-prototype as a process to explore and to demonstrate fashion informed aesthetic possibilities, and uses existing products to inform user needs. This research provides insights to help inform understanding of future wearable technology designs. The project outcomes include facewear designs and prototypes developed by the researcher based on the analysis of the literature and existing products. The findings and creative concepts are incorporated into a written thesis that discusses and appraises the facewear designs and the integrated fashion-wearables design approach.

Wearable Technology , Aesthetics , Design process , Fashionability
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