1000 Lovers: exegesis and screenplay

Sprague, Bronwyn
Hughes, David
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Master of Communication Studies
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Auckland University of Technology

A multi-protagonist family drama set in Auckland in 1987. Auckland is an ebullient city on the threshold of great change. Daniel, a golden youth born with a silver spoon has all he needs and everything in front of him but he just can't seem to grow up. The daily round of pleasure and diversion no longer mask the unpleasant realities of life and death. Everyone around him wants something he is not able to give; his best friend Ash wants his money, his mother wants her boy at home and his girlfriend Caroline wants all of him.

Ava is a young woman off to see the world and who is prepared to bend a few rules to get there. Still raging at her parents’ divorce, fearful of being hurt again, she hides her feelings from herself and others and is not the easiest girl to know.

When Daniel’s and Ava’s paths cross there are consequences for both of them and Daniel may finally have to wake up.

Ensemble , Coming-of-age , Family , Drama
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