How Are Green Human Resource Management Practices Promoting Employees’ Pro-environmental Behavior in the Workplace Within the New Zealand Wine Industry?

Haddad, Moueen
Ravenswood, Katherine
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Master of Business
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Auckland University of Technology

Over the last few decades, the activities of organisations and their impact on the environment have received increasing attention as well as social, political and economic pressure to both address and improve their overall environmental performance. Consequently, environmental management is becoming an integral part of an organisation’s systems such as supply chain management, marketing, finance and, more recently, human resources. Human resource management (HRM) plays a significant role in shaping the organisation’s culture and development of its strategy with the goal being to maximise employee performance in order to achieve the organisation’s strategic objectives. The integration of human resource practices within environmental management practices is known as Green Human Resource Management (GHRM). This research intends to explore and assess the extent to which GHRM practices are used and implemented within the New Zealand wine industry. Although the New Zealand wine industry is widely perceived as a green and clean industry, it has environmental impacts that need to be assessed, monitored and modified. Therefore, the purpose of this work is to supplement the current knowledge about GHRM through investigating its role and what barriers might exist in the adoption of green policies and practices in New Zealand small and medium-sized wineries. This understanding should assist in the future development of GHRM. In this exploratory study a descriptive interpretive approach is used when conducting four semi-structured interviews with human resource managers from small and medium-sized wineries, to investigate current GHRM practices within the New Zealand wine industry. The findings contribute a clearer understanding of the organisational and institutional processes through which GHRM influences employee workplace behaviour. This study emphasises the importance of the role that GHRM has in promoting employees’ green behaviours from both an organisational culture perspective and an HR management perspective. It also highlights the importance of establishing a meaningful link between the organisation’s culture and its employees’ to encourage desirable green values as well as green behaviours.

HRM , New Zealand , Wine Industry , Behavior , New Zealand Wine Industry
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