Investigating the ways of how e-learning enhances teaching and learning of computer science at tertiary institutions in New Zealand

Aldhahri, Naif
Klymchuk, Sergiy
Petrova, Krassie
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Master of Computer and Information Sciences
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Auckland University of Technology

E-learning is increasingly used in education in order to enhance the learning process for students and ensure that they enjoy the learning activities. The current research aims to investigate how e-learning and technology in education can enhance education, learning process, and teaching for computer sciences in 8 selected tertiary institutions in New Zealand; AUT, Massey University, Wintec, University of Auckland, Waikato University, Unitec, University of Canterbury and University of Otago. The research involves survey of 50 computer science students and 16 computer science lecturers in tertiary institutions in New Zealand through an online survey questionnaire related to e-learning. Interviews of 8 computer science lecturers have also been conducted. The collected data was then analysed and results were interpreted. This research will help in identifying methods to create collaboration between teachers and student in various tertiary institutions for computer science courses. The research will also analyse how modern teaching methods could improve teachers competencies to teach and enhance students and improve educational environment for computer sciences. The research shall also propose a scalable model of applying e-learning in computer science domain.

E-learning , Computer Sciences , Tertiary institutions
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