Of other states: dislocating space for affect

Danko, Timothy John
Thomson, Andy
Boberg, Ingrid
Redmond, Monique
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Master of Art and Design
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Auckland University of Technology

There is an everyday (sometimes public) ‘first’ existence that requires and demands our attention but beside this primary experience there is also a secondary existence that we access. We open this secondary experience to enable ourselves to be in a not-thinking space, an experience aligned with daydream, trance, and reverie. It is an experience of a ‘place outside of all places’. Alongside this secondary experience is what I term a tertiary experience that is a place where we encounter the other and where we may ‘hear’ an experience which is opposed to the space as defined by our primary experience. This project engages with a secondary / tertiary experience through installation based practice. I will examine approaches to dislocating the site of installation as a method of enabling the agency of the viewer / beholder in the creation of a ‘place outside of all places’ in secondary experience. The methods considered include; manipulations of scale as physical dislocation, temporal dislocation through projected film, disrupted materiality as marker to a contested space, and suspended metaphor as a dislocation of meaning. The exegesis discusses secondary / tertiary experience in relation to definitions of heterotopic space and will examine the subjectivities produced, the ‘product’ or affect of this engagement with secondary / tertiary experience. Does the experience of an other state of being enable a method that is transferable to further future primary experiences independent of the initial site of experience?

Heterotopic space , Affect
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