A Pedagogical Exploration of Creative Identity

Rogers, Hannah
Watkins, Clinton
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Master of Creative Technologies
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Auckland University of Technology

This research addresses the ways in which developing creative identity can lead to a place of creative authenticity and genuine self expression. How it can enhance creative confidence, purpose, and practice as well as contributing to both self and community well being. By exploring this through a pedagogical approach, a practical sequence of modules and tasks are constructed in order to guide the individual through a journey of creative self discovery.

The research project follows a practice-led approach through the design of a hypothetical course on creative identity development which is intended to be delivered in an educational context. The course is tested by the research practitioner through the completion of the course as an artist, resulting in a body of creative work that is representative of the developed creative identity. Presentation of project artefacts along with personal pedagogy and course delivery are discussed as additional outcomes of the research project.

Reflective practice plays a significant role in this thesis and throughout the research project and culminates in a final reflection that reexamines the pedagogical exploration of creative identity development. The course and its practical elements act as a set of tools that the individual can access throughout a creative career, revisiting through the cyclical evolution of creative identity.

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