Experiential Marketing in Retail during COVID-19

Cui, Yanqiao
Vredenburg, Jessica
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Master of Business
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Auckland University of Technology

This research seeks to compare experiential marketing before and during COVID-19 and is among the first work to examine the evolution of experiential marketing during a pandemic. In the context of COVID-19, this research suggests retailers adapt traditional notions of experiential marketing designed to create fun and excitement in the service experience to activations designed to reduce feelings of risk and increase feelings of comfort in the service experience. The purpose of this research is to explore ways in which retailers can use experiential marketing to reduce consumer perceived risk and increase perceived comfort in order to encourage consumers to return to in person shopping. This research analyses how various aspects of experiential marketing can be used amidst COVID-19 and seeks to make three main contributions: (1) Examine the historical use of experiential marketing and concepts as a foundation for the current work; (2) Propose a conceptual model for how elements of experiential marketing can be used to encourage in-person shopping intention; and (3) Provide a research agenda for future studies in this area.

COVID-19 , Experiential marketing , Perceived comfort , Perceived risk , Retailing
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