"Does E-learning Help Users to Learn: A Comparative Study of E-learning in Saudi Arabia and New Zealand"

Alqahtani, Hussain Mohammed
Petrova, Krassie
Tegginmath, Shoba
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Master of Computer and Information Sciences
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Auckland University of Technology

The popularity of e-learning has grown extensively in recent years due to advancements in technology and the innumerable benefits of this type of education. As a result of e-learning students have considerable flexibility for advancing their education. However, e-learning is not without its challenges. Further, a review of what has been noted regarding the development of e-learning suggests that this process has not been uniform, with many countries struggling to keep pace with student demand for e-learning resources. With these issues in mind, the current investigation utilizes a qualitative methodology to evaluate student experiences in e-learning in New Zealand and Saudi Arabia. The central focus is to determine if students from each country are able to effectively learn using these platforms. The data collected indicated that while students in both countries report were able to learn, there are notable differences in technology access and student needs which clearly differentiate e-learning in both countries. The implications of the findings are discussed with specific recommendations made for educators, institutions, and governments to provide targeted support for building e-learning in each of these countries.

Hussain Alqahtani , E-Learning , Saudi Arabia , Saudi Arabia and New Zealand
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