Wine tourists’ expectations of New Zealand wineries and their motivations for visiting the West Auckland region

Yeow, Kok Chuen
Liu, Claire
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Master of International Hospitality Management
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Auckland University of Technology

The purpose of this study was to explore the expectations and motivations of wine tourists in the wineries of the West Auckland region. This study analyzes the results of the study in relation to the objectives of the study. This research emphasizes consumer behaviors and motivations for participation in wine tourism to provide a framework for associating these issues with tourists’ wine expectations and experiences. This study relied on mixed methods research to meet the objectives of this investigation. The survey questionnaire was developed based on information found in the literature review focusing on the topic of wine tourism. The questionnaire had six sections with 12 questions covering different issues. After collecting data from all the survey respondents, the Statistical Packages for Social Science (SPSS) was utilised to analyse the quantitative data. The results of the survey indicated that wine tourists were motivated by various factors to travel to West Auckland. To improve the wine tourism experience for wine tourists, it is important to consider both supply and demand factors. Overall, this study has demonstrated that both supply and demand factors are critical to the wine tourism industry. Wineries should rely on current empirical evidence as to what tourists expect to find at wine tourism destinations to supply these needs effectively to improve the tourism experience. More studies should be carried out comparing demand and supply factors between West Auckland and other wine producing regions to establish similarities and variations. The study results are useful and can enhance the initiation of strategies to improve factors like service quality, service efficiency, and on-site facilities to create realistic expectations and attract more tourists. Results on aspects are specific and require adoption of strategies in the specific areas to improve the experiences of both the wine professionals while providing services and tourists during their visits to wineries.

Wine tourism , Motivations and expectations
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