Change in Seasons

Kim, Maria
Bancroft, Andrew
Mountfort, Paul
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Master of Creative Writing
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Auckland University of Technology

My project aims to address the research question of whether or not the central relationship in a film draws out change from both characters and solves the unresolved conflicts within each of them. When summarized, the thesis (filmscript) From Autumn to Summer is a family drama about two young Korean women helping each other overcome the long-term wounds - both physical and emotional - that have been inflicted by their families. Gaeul is the main character, and the central relationship is the one between her and Yeoreum, an older girl. As the film progresses, they nudge each other towards meaningful change. The title is a hint to the story, as Gaeul means autumn in English, and Yeoreum translates to summer. The change of seasons, from a windy cold autumn to a warm and sunny summer, reflects the positive changes in the characters. My engagement with my research question has led me to editing and refining my story in many different ways. It has prompted me to reassess my characters to ensure that they are deep and real enough to influence one another and have a relatable change take place. In this exegesis, I present and discuss the realisations I have had through analyzing multiple films of the same genre, undertaking genre, characterization and general screenwriting research, and through the most practical method: writing multiple drafts of the script itself. I will talk about my engagement with the research question through my work, and how the question affected the creation of my script. A variety of scholarly articles and books will also be included and addressed to further the discussions. I conclude that the answer to the research question is - and should be - a definite yes when aiming to write a moving script for a family drama film.

Screenplay , MCW , Korea , Multiculturalism , Female empowerment
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