Zhu, Ming
Gallgher, Sue
Young, Elvon
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Master of Arts in Art and Design
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Auckland University of Technology

A place for no place is a practice based research project that investigates the notion of in-between space. The focus of this project is to consider the nature of binary oppositions and the thresholds between, through the designing of memorial space. The key issue of this project is aimed at investigation of the nature of thresholds of dualism, contrasting dualities and binary oppositions.With help of this project, I attempt to discuss a design methodology by balancing the binarization in natural environment in terms of applying their principles to creating the space, meanwhile, making the space from outside Visually the practical part of the exegesis will grow from process of spatial analysis and detailing by consulting with the key spatial binary oppositions of the site specific projects – Flat Alleyway and Wen-chuan Earthquake Memorial Park. Spatial arrangement and function, along with their codified details will be domesticated with concerns of the special character of the site and the consideration of scale, function, body movement, interior and exterior decoration aspects of the space. The result will be a cohesive range that represents new spaces by the meaning of In-Between-Ness. Heuristic and practical projects are my main methodological approaches. My work does not seek to fix a solution by the notion of in-between, but open up area of ongoing discovery. The practical spatial design projects are regarded as a process of meditation for a self-development, which allows me to reconsider, renegotiate, reflect and renew my work throughout the practical process. In this way, hidden spatial codes can be brought out to the surface.

Inbetweenness , Duality , Binary
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