A Uniform to Welcome: Identity and Style through Design and Mix-method Pattern Cutting Approach

Wang, Yuxi (Leona)
Reay, Stephen
Jones, Linda
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Master of Art and Design
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Auckland University of Technology

Some jobs may require having a distinctive uniform to serve the worker’s role. A successful modern uniform not only brings a distinctive aesthetic to the wearer but also profiles the organisation’s image. This practice-led research project explored the role of a hospital volunteer’s uniform for a group called the Bluecoats, at a large city hospital, to improve the uniform experience for the visitors, patients, staff and wearers of the uniform.

This research project used a human-centered design (HCD) process with action research (AR) methodology to better understand and enhance user experience of the uniform. It also explored how traditional two-dimensional cutting techniques combined with contour cutting could be used to fit a diverse range of silhouettes and age groups through a single design.

The completion of this master’s project requires both a series of practice-based outcomes and a supporting written exegesis. This highly visual, documented exegesis illustrates the design research journey from an early research phase, design concept development stages to project reflection and evaluation.

The research resulted in a set of hospital volunteers’ uniforms of a design that seeks to address, through practice, the improvements and concerns I identified with respect to the current uniform.

Uniform , Hospital , Fashion , Volunteer
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