Letting Go of Millie

Brown, Lindsey
Bancroft, Andrew
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Master of Creative Writing
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Auckland University of Technology

This thesis consists of a full-length script for a play for the theatre. A summary of the play is as follows:

Letting Go Of Millie is set over a long weekend at a glamping tent site about 1 hour north of Auckland, NZ. Will has taken his wife, Jane, there as a surprise for her 33rd birthday. However, the secluded location is more uncomfortable than romantic. When Jane’s sister, Millie, arrives uninvited with an unexpected guest, all relationships are pushed to boiling point.

Far from being a celebration weekend, Jane is finally forced to confront the current status of her life. When she sees Millie’s arrival as a chance to avoid romance, there is no more hiding from the problems within her marriage. The arrival of Jason, Millie’s ex fiancé, becomes the final tipping point for Jane. But as she fights ruthlessly to keep her sister from Jason’s arms, she only ends up causing resentment in those she loves.

Over the course of the play, Jane is forced to confront her overbearing relationship with her sister and the consequences her long term sacrifices have had. But letting go is not easy and Jane struggles with stepping down from her self imposed parental responsibilities.

Letting go of Millie also means that Jane has to deal more with her own life, including her marriage. Although there is no shortage of love between her and Will, there is no denying that they are heading down separate paths. As Jane searches for self fulfillment she learns that sacrifices will have to be made.

The Thesis is framed by an Exegesis which is a 6000 word essay on the subject of: (a) the genre of the Thesis (b) the development process from synopsis to second draft

Letting Go Of Millie , Play with music , Coming of age comedy drama , NZ full length play
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