Investigating anticipated conventions of wearable devices as a mainstream technology

Martin, Matthew James Michael
Charlton, James
Connor, Andrew
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Master of Creative Technologies
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Auckland University of Technology

Conventional uses of technology are capable of influencing the direction technology advances in a society. They are constructed from the collective knowledge and cultural behaviours which users adopt. What manifests from the conventions is a rigid structure that inhibits future, deviative or innovative technology to sustain in society. The conventions influence how society continues to engage with technology in daily activities. The influences from conventional uses of technology are not restricted to such organic processes, but can be influenced by us, if we take action to do so.

The purpose of this exegesis is to illustrate ways we can create approaches to shaping and directing the evolution of technology. This is illustrated from a set of approaches discussed on changing how a selected technology, wearable devices, is established in society. The societal impacts of factors related to user engagement with wearable devices are first investigated and speculated. The approaches are then created through theorising how relative factors can be mediated to alter the establishment of wearable devices.

The speculation on how wearable devices become established in society accumulated to a practical outcome: Wearable Beacon. This project visually portrays the researcher’s own perception on the ways wearable devices mediate and relate to the user’s body. The outcome communicates the researcher’s idea of wearable devices enhancing and functioning in similar ways to that of the nervous system.

Wearable devices , Digital anthropology , Technology and society , LED , Conventions of society , Technology evolution
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