Phaze One: part one of a draft novel. Young adult fantasy/ adventure

White, Jeanette
Cranna, John
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Master of Creative Writing
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Auckland University of Technology

The exegesis will elaborate on the research process undertaken this year to write a fictional draft novel. The creative work is a young adult fantasy novel, and is part one of what will eventually be a three part series. At this stage, its working title is Phaze One. The introduction of the exegesis discusses what may possibly be the attraction of the fantasy genre to many writers; especially in light of what some critics refer to as the ‘light-weight genre’, and why fantasy has attracted me. There is an overview of Phaze One and why I have chosen to write part one of a three part series. The landscape of contemporary young adult fantasy, as well as, the categories of science fiction and fantasy literature and how they overlap will be discussed, with reference to academic literature. I will also discuss the relevance of mythic conventions and archetypes common in fantasy, and how these conventions have been adapted to the novel. Thus, positioning the creative work within its wider context. The exegesis includes reference to various writers who were relevant to the creative process; however, significant reference will be to the young adult fantasy writer Garth Nix and his ‘Keys to the Kingdom’ series. Various fantasy elements within the work will be discussed, as well as, the ideas for some settings, and the integration of Campbell’s ‘Heroes Journey’ in the novel.

Young adult , Fantasy writing
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