Crossing: An Investigation Into the Visual Space Between Catholicism and Medicine, Informed by Theories of the Gaze(S)

Langdon, Katrina
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Master of Arts in Art and Design
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Auckland University of Technology

Crossing is an investigation, by means of practical art and theoretical research, into the space where Roman Catholicism (in particular Eastern European Mariolatry) and modern medicine share common ground. It explores the blurring of boundaries and uncertainty that occurs in the overlap between medicine and religion, in which a fascination with the wound and its associated sufferings become the central focus. This investigation draws on a long history of involvement with Catholic Mariolatry, and pays particular attention to the Stations of the Cross, which have strong implications in terms of ‘the wound’ and notions of suffering.

It is an exploration involving theories of ‘the gaze’, drawing from material often viewed in the light of abjection; with the life of a child being the location for these paradigms. This is a journey and an experimentation process carried out by means of practical art, and largely involving the painting process. It draws on a long history of religious and anatomical/medical imagery; reinterpreting these images in view of current art practices, psychological studies, scientific observations and personal experience.

This research project has been carried out by means of practical art, comprising 80% of the final work, with an accompanying exegesis of 20%

Catholic church in art , Painting , Photography , Medicine
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