A couple of jokes: using humour in multicultural couples to study co-creation and methods of generative design

Pierson, Lina
van Melle, Gerbrand
Joseph, Frances
Hagen, Penny
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Master of Creative Technologies
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Auckland University of Technology

This exegesis presents and discusses an exploratory Co-Design project that was conducted between June 2014 and February 2015 in Auckland, New Zealand as research for the Master of Creative Technologies degree at AUT University. The study used fieldwork and methods of Generative Design Research to investigate humour in multicultural couples, and its methodology was based on recent theories and models of Co-Design. A key aim of the project was to develop Generative Design tools according to the theory of the Path of Expression and the Converging Perspectives Approach as described by Sanders and Stappers (2012), and consider ways to support different levels of creative expression as well as encourage visual ways of communication in line with key principles of Design Thinking. The fieldwork part of the project was divided into three distinct data collection phases: exploration, focus and application; each phase created new insights regarding the underlying methodology and the methods that were used, and advanced how the couples thought about, explored and expressed their experience of humour together. The project found that Co-Creation with couples requires a specific set of Generative Design methods and presents a selection of four tools that have been found to be effective in the context and purpose of this study. Furthermore, the study suggests the concept of a ‘template’ that can be used when planning a Co-Creation workshop with couples. Finally, the findings of this project suggest that there is an opportunity for future research to apply the principles of generative methods and Design Thinking to create something that could reduce the time, effort and words needed to share humour between multicultural couples.

Co-creation , Design research , Generative design methods , Design thinking , Humour , Multicultural couples
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