Preventing Knee Injuries in Ski Instructors – What Would an Exercise Program to Reduce Risk Look Like? A Scoping Review

Krogh, Marian
Adams, Tom
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Master of Health Science
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Auckland University of Technology

Objective: To determine what an exercise-based knee injury prevention program to reduce the risk of knee injuries for ski instructors would look like, and how it should best be implemented.

Methods: A scoping review of studies pertaining to skiing-related knee injuries and exercise-based knee injury prevention programs was conducted.

Results: 88 studies were reviewed, and the evidence charted and used to answer the research question. No studies were identified that specifically addressed the research question.

Conclusions: A successful exercise program to prevent knee injuries in ski instructors could include the following components: education regarding common mechanisms of knee injury while skiing; a variety of preseason exercises that are ideally continued through the season three times per week as part of a 20-minute warmup; neuromuscular; strength; single leg and eccentric exercises for hamstrings; quadriceps; hip; and core musculature; plyometric and landing exercises to minimize knee valgus. Exercises should ideally be led by a ski instructor trainer, be sport specific, employ visual feedback, and have an external focus for optimal motor learning.

ski Instructor; knee injury; exercise-based prevention
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