Cultural Identity in the Child Psychotherapy Environment: A Maori Perspective

Hall, Alayne
Culbertson, Philip
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Master of Health Science
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Auckland University of Technology

I have become increasingly curious about certain aspects that influence my practice. The combined influences of Maori and Pakeha contribute to my clinical practice and the inter-relationships between others and myself. This dissertation aims to explore areas of wisdom that have educated and informed my clinical practice. Three distinct bodies of knowledge relating to temperament are presented as a catalyst for understanding which viewpoint is more likely to influence the therapist. The three perspectives include empirical studies, anthroposophy and the narratives of Maui. This dissertation examines the therapist choice of knowledge and how this knowledge informs her clinical practice. It examines the therapist countertransference and moments of conflict between differing sets of views. Furthermore, it acknowledges the challenges of living in two worlds and some of the implications for the therapist's are discussed in brief. The dissertation closes with an argument that knowledge from the therapist's particular cultural setting cannot be disregarded. It also focuses on the importance of integrating this knowledge into clinical practice.

Systematic literature review , Therapist , Ethnic identity , Counter-transference , Clinical practice , Body of knowledge
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