Overconsumption Consumer Behaviour Paradoxes: A Systematic Literature Review

Powell, Sarah Irene
Kapitan, Sommer
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Bachelor of Business (Honours)
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Auckland University of Technology

This research explores the factors related to consumer behaviour paradoxes of overconsumption, through a systematic literature review format. The main focus of this review was the notion of paradox, or tensions between opposing forces which create discrepancies in consumer behaviour where either option can be chosen, depending on the influencing factors present. Following the systematic literature review method (Paul et al., 2021), 33 articles were identified as appropriate to review. From the article sample collected, it was identified that there are 8 factors which interact with each other as both enabling and disabling factors to overconsumption from a paradoxical lens. The disabling factors to overconsumption are social factors, cultural and religious factors, economic factors, and consumer intentions. These were in balance with the enabling factors to overconsumption which include: the dominant social paradigm, materialism factors, marketing/business intentions, and external environmental factors. These values in tension were explored based on the insights gleaned from the article sample. Further to this, future research recommendations were made based on the identified gaps between the articles and were summarised in the future research recommendations section of this article. Limitations include the theoretical nature of this review, in how qualitative/qualitative/mixed method studies could help bolster the review by testing some of the factors in real-life situations. Further, the use of books or other varying types of literature could have been used, yet due to an inaccurate ability to gauge the quality of the other types of publishing were excluded. Further, more researchers from Eastern parts of the world could offer their unique cultural perspectives on this topic and conduct more studies to increase diversity and insights into paradoxes and overconsumption.

Systematic literature review; Paradox theory; Paradox; Consumer behaviour; Attitudes; Perceptions; Recycling; Sustainability; Overconsumption
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